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We truly take pride in making your wedding a beautiful and memorable day in the American Catholic tradition. We officiate both Catholic and Interdenominational Christian Weddings from Denver to Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins to Vail. We welcome divorced couples.

Weddings – An Overview

Marriage is a living, sacred contract between a husband and wife which includes but also extends beyond the exchange of vows to the entire life of the relationship. This covenant or agreement is sacred because the love of husband and wife signifies the love between Christ and His Bride, the Church. Its sacredness is also attested to by the fact that it helps the partners and those who know and love them to reach their destiny of life with God. When we believe, marriage is a sacrament. There are two purposes of marriage. One is mutual love and support, which is a generous gift of the physical, emotional and spiritual self to a partner. This second purpose of marriage is also powerfully evident when a couple allows its love to overflow into the new life of a child. Those who seek to become husband and wife should understand that the marriage relationship is a covenant of exclusiveness and permanence. If a marriage commitment is exclusive, it means that both husband and wife fully intend to reserve the beautiful intimacy of their relationship to one another alone. If it is permanent, a husband and wife intend to enter a bond that will last a lifetime. If your faith makes you ready to celebrate the joys and responsibilities of Christian marriage, then we are ready to assist you in the preparation and planning of your wedding ceremony.

What We Offer 

What Father Michael offers to you is:

1. The assurance that Father Michael is a validly trained and ordained Catholic Priest who will officiate your marriage with integrity and professionalism.

2. The choice is yours to have your wedding indoors or outdoors and we are happy to officiate your wedding at the location of your choice.

3. Because of our many years of experience we can help you with ideas for your ceremony. We will provide the leadership needed to guide your rehearsal and wedding to make sure everyone one is comfortable and everything goes smoothly.

4. We also offer marriage counseling, should an issue come up prior to your wedding or after, we are there for you. (Optional and no charge)

Meetings, Requirements and Honorarium

At least one meeting is required with Father Michael to get to know each other and discuss your wedding plans and dreams. Out of state couples please contact Father Michael for more information.

We offer the Focus Marriage Survey (optional). The benefit of this survey is that it can help the two of you learn more about each other and it poses possible situations that you may not have experienced yet as a couple. Additionally the survey also helps confirm what you already know about each other.

The normal honorarium is $475.00 up to 100 miles. The cost for additional miles over 100 miles is $2.00 per mile from Aurora, CO. If over 150 miles an additional cost of lodging may be necessary. A $225.00 deposit is due at the time of application to reserve the date and time, with the balance being due thirty days before your wedding date.

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